Knute Roo bought the RooBar in 1997 from some guy. Much like when a family adopts a dog the RooBar came with a name and no one except Little Suzie knew quite why she named her pooch with a black patch over one eye, Mr. Biscuits. The RooBar was a Cherry Creek institution for years. Until big business had their way and pushed the unlikely speakeasy-juke and martini joint out of the posh North Cherry Creek shopping district. RooBar was always beneath Cherry Creek, both actually and figuratively. The sub-terranian Tavern with it's bizarre wall art and purple pool tables helped ground an area that desperately needed to "check itself before it wrecked itself". Tattered Cover Book Store a staple of the area and it's conjoined 4th Story Restaurant were whisked away prior to RooBar being informed that their stay of execution was not being prolonged by a pardon by the governor or the leasing agent . Soaring rent and a desire to make the area more shopper friendly changed the block for better or worse. Watching the blocks be demolished and rebuilt at an absurd pace in Cherry Creek North was like watching an iceberg attack. A slow but inevitable collision course with gentrification. At the time of this writing the space occupied by the RooBar in Cherry Creek is currently vacant, 3 years after the family at the RooBar served their last drink under Filmore Plaza.

From the ashes rise the Roo. Some self-loathing, countless trips with pick-up trucks, nearly a year of downtime, an arduous design and construction process and the New RooBar on Park Ave West is born. A far cry from the windowless and signless place that many of the finest service industry, Janus Funds, and mall employees alike called their "home away from home". The new RooBar is run by Johnny Roo (no relation), who was hand picked by Knute to take the reins and re-create the once dominate Cherry Creek martini and pool hall into an open concept neighborhood type bar with midwest values and Colorado pride. Now there are are plenty of windows, still no proper sign to speak of. The bar is now nestled in a new to north denver development. Customers come from all areas and walks of life. Foot traffic is at a minimum as the new location is certainly a destination bar. If you make the effort to enjoy the new RooBar you will be greeted with dozens of free parking spaces and a less than "LODO" attitude and arrogance. More humble surroundings a mere 900 foot home run (and a lucky roll down the sidewalk) away from Coor's Field. Just a 10 minute walk to all home games. As well as a great place to meet and carpool to Bronco's, Avalanche, and Nuggets games. Just off of the Park Ave/38th Street and I-25 exit, RooBar is on your way too or from just about anywhere you are going or have been. Railroad and petroleum employees have done their best to take over for the financial and mall employees. LoDo residents and commuters heading to I-25 enjoy lunch and happy hours regularly. Long time regulars from the olden days occasional find the new spot, some more than others. Some happy with change and pleased to see the RooBar family lives on.


3480 Park Ave West
Denver, CO 80216



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